Psycho A Go-Go and the Raw Hide Terror

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In this sci-fi hriller, a man finds himself beleagured by jewel thieves after they hide their loot in his pick-up truck. Unfortunately, when they finally go to get it, the jewels are gone. To get their revenge they send a homicidal Vietnam veteran to get the truck owner. Apparently the vet is being controlled by a scientist who has implanted an electronic device in his brain. When the vet kidnaps the man's wife and child, the man takes off after them. Later it is discovered that the child had hidden the jewels, which she had found, in the head of her dolly. Other than the story, this film is interesting in that it continued to grow and change over a six-year period. The year after its release, additional footage with the mad scientist was added and the film was released as The Fiend with the Electronic Brain (1966); five years after that, they added even more footage and a couple more characters and called it Blood of Ghastly Horror (1971). ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Shake It Up! [8:32]
2. Alarming [14:23]
3. Bubble Bath [16:32]
4. Getting Jealous [11:27]
5. Nice Shiner [13:28]
6. All Choked Up [18:39]