Athens, GA: Inside Out

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The town of Athens, Georgia exists mainly to provide services to the local university. It also serves as the setting for a whole movement of small, independent rock bands -- which is the subject of this documentary. Cheap local rents and plentiful audiences create a venue for the fulfillment of many a creative dream in this unlikely location, as most of the musicians featured here (whose style is based on U.S. and European punk styles of the 1970s) have no desire to become big hits and only want a chance to perform before a live audience. An additional segment focuses on the accomplishments of the highly eccentric "Reverend" Howard Finster, whose artwork for the Talking Heads album ^Little Creatures won a national "Album Cover of the Year" award. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Overview [5:14]
2. R.E.M. [2:42]
3. The B52s [4:48]
4. B-B-Que Killers [3:35]
5. Time Toy [4:36]
6. Jim Herbert [2:25]
7. Flat Duo Jets [6:00]
8. John Seawright [1:49]
9. Rev. Howard Finster [5:54]
10. Dreams So Real [3:45]
11. Peter Buck [4:21]
12. Love Tractor [7:09]
13. Rev. John D. Ruth [4:35]
14. Ort [:41]
15. Kilkenny Cats [6:00]
16. Squalls [5:08]
17. Pylon [5:09]
18. Conclusion [7:44]