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@Gaylord Films producer Casey La Scala makes his directorial debut with the een comedy Grind. Just before entering college, young skateboarder Eric Rivers (Mike Vogel) decides to take a road trip from Chicago to California with his smart friend Dustin (Adam Brody) and his wacky friend Matt (Vince Vieluf). Despite their underdog status, they intend to make it big in the world of skateboarding in the wake of legendary touring skater Jimmy Wilson (Jason London). They end up recruiting a fourth team member named Sweet Lou (Joey Kern) as Eric romances the film's token attractive female Jamie (Jennifer Morrison). Grind also features appearances by real-life pro skaters like Bam Margera, along with an energetic pop/rock soundtrack. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Customer Relations (Credits) [5:27]
2. School or the Store [3:13]
3. Chill N Such [2:57]
4. Masters of the Vert [3:23]
5. Tape Vault [4:19]
6. Hitting the Road [2:19]
7. Sweet Lou's In [2:58]
8. Failing to Register [5:12]
9. Party Crashers [3:19]
10. Super Duper Dancing [5:22]
11. Pink Motel [4:28]
12. Bed Buds [2:01]
13. Free Food [4:07]
14. A Day Late [2:38]
15. Demo Without Freebies [2:36]
16. Deserted in the Desert [3:09]
17. A Sign and a Lizard [1:08]
18. Jamie [1:47]
19. No Go No 2 [3:20]
20. Turbo Jump [2:11]
21. Team Vibe [4:43]
22. Clowing with Matt's Family [4:14]
23. Wish Come True [5:24]
24. Finding Jamie Out [2:40]
25. Super Duper Time [4:08]
26. Vert Showdown [2:22]
27. Bus Stop [7:18]
28. Outtake End Credits [2:49]

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