Recipe for Disaster

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Only in a made-for-TV comedy would the owners of a fancy restaurant be out of town on the establishment's opening night. Thanks to an unforeseen mishap, Mr. and Mrs. Korda (John Larroquette, Lesley Ann Warren) are nowhere to be found when their eatery is scheduled to open its doors. It falls to the Korda children -- Rebecca (Margo Harshman), Sam (Andrew Allen), and Max (Andrew Allen) -- to hold down the fort in their parents' absence. Naturally, the big night is full of craziness, exacerbated by temperamental employees, snobbish customers, and a couple of unforeseen flies in the ointment. Recipe for Disaster made its first @PAX network appearance on May 16, 2003. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/Opening Day [7:16]
2. Jawbones & Rathbones [4:46]
3. "You're in Charge!" [3:45]
4. Art, Champagne, Chaos! [8:48]
5. A Real Knockout [6:53]
6. Not-So-Grand Opening [6:51]
7. Camouflage & Sabotage [4:44]
8. "Soup Rebecca"/Berries! [7:41]
9. Motorcycle Mama [8:47]
10. Rebecca! Shannon! Jason! [4:55]
11. Peepers & Peppers! [5:48]
12. Banned... [3:43]
13. Duped... [4:02]
14. Dunked & Fried! [5:46]
15. "It Could Be Worse" [2:22]
16. Three Stars!/End Credits [5:17]