Africa Blood and Guts

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Africa, Blood and Guts is an edited-down version of the 1966 documentary Africa, Addio, a follow up to the directors' Mondo Cane. Whereas the original 138-minute version of Addio sought to criticize practices and customs in 1960s Africa and demonstrated a fair amount of substance (drawing extreme controversy for its political and social observations about Africa), this reduced version exists only for the sake of exploitation - exclusively emphasizing homicides, genocides, mutilations, the butchering of animals and all manner of other grotesquerie. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
2. Freeing Africa [14:44]
3. Wildlife Slaughter [7:05]
4. War on Poachers [11:40]
5. Paradise Lost [10:46]
6. White Sanctuary [12:39]
7. Soldiers of Fortune in Action [17:37]
8. The Killing Carries On [4:10]