Dances With Wolves [Full Screen]

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A historical drama about the relationship between a Civil War soldier and a band of Sioux Indians, Kevin Costner's directorial debut was also a surprisingly popular hit, considering its length, period setting, and often somber tone. The film opens on a particularly dark note, as melancholy Union lieutenant John W. Dunbar attempts to kill himself on a suicide mission, but instead becomes an unintentional hero. His actions lead to his reassignment to a remote post in remote South Dakota, where he encounters the Sioux. Attracted by the natural simplicity of their lifestyle, he chooses to leave his former life behind to join them, taking on the name Dances with Wolves. Soon, Dances with Wolves has become a welcome member of the tribe and fallen in love with a white woman who has been raised amongst the tribe. His peaceful existence is threatened, however, when Union soldiers arrive with designs on the Sioux land. Some detractors have criticized the film's depiction of the tribes as simplistic; such objections did not dissuade audiences or the Hollywood establishment, however, which awarded the film seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/A Suicide [11:12]
2. A Fool's Errand [11:18]
3. "This Is My Post" [8:39]
4. Killing the Messenger [6:40]
5. The Naked Soldier [4:16]
6. What About the White Man? [7:49]
7. "She's Hurt!" [8:10]
8. Lost in the Translation [4:57]
9. Remember the White Words [5:09]
10. Official Introductions [8:50]
11. Who Killed the Buffalo? [8:03]
12. A Successful Hunt [8:59]
13. "Good Trade" [7:30]
14. Wolf Dancing [:00]
15. A Great Honor [2:34]
16. The Story of the Fist [4:25]
17. Love in the Mourning [9:24]
18. A Call to Arms [4:01]
19. Permission to Love [9:47]
20. Things to Come [7:15]
21. "Turned Injun, Didn'cha?" [3:34]
22. Wolves and Other Animals [12:33]
23. Parting Gifts [7:31]
24. Epilogue/Credits [12:48]