Erotic Nights of the Living Dead

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No director has mixed graphic horror and explicit sex more often than Aristide Massaccesi (better known as Joe D'Amato), and no director has come up with worse results. This sleazy tale stars Luigi Montefiori as the captain of a boat hired to take an American architect (Mark Shanon) and a prostitute (Dirce Funari) to a cursed island so the architect can scout locations for hotel development. They come across a mysterious woman (Laura Gemser), cannibalistic zombie natives, and a ghost-cat. There is also a great deal of hardcore sex and a scene in which a stripper opens a champagne bottle with her private parts. Massaccesi made the similarly explicit Porno Holocaust, about a radioactive mutant, the same year. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Immersed in Madness [4:29]
2. The Passage to Insanity [5:05]
3. The Dead Arrive [2:03]
4. Gambling [1:31]
5. A New Shipmate [5:27]
6. The Dead Close In [6:00]
7. Leisure Before Sailing [6:57]
8. Setting Sail [7:48]
9. The Island [5:50]
10. Temptation [3:50]
11. Ethereal Encounters [6:53]
12. Back to the Boat [3:59]
13. The Gift [5:30]
14. Asking for Help [8:21]
15. Warding Off the Dead [5:29]
16. Panic As the Dead Rise [4:58]
17. Unheeded Warning [8:06]
18. Sanity's Last Stand [7:46]