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This Danish comedy drama won the Jury Prize at the ~1998 Cannes Film Festival. It opens in rural Denmark as family members assemble for the 60th birthday celebration of patriarch Helge (Henning Moritzen). At the family estate are Helge's children: France-based restaurateur Christian (Ulrich Thomsen), whose twin sister killed herself; surviving sister Helene (Paprika Steen); and younger brother Michael (Thomas Bo Larsen), married with three children. At the birthday dinner, the bitter Christian stands to deliver a toast -- but instead makes a startling speech accusing Helge of sexual abuse involving both twins. Following principles outlined in 1995 by Danish fimmakers in their Dogme 95 proclamation, this film adheres to their manifesto guidelines of handheld cameras, direct sound, location filming, and the elimination of technical tricks. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Not Invited (Main Titles) [6:06]
2. Missed Your Sister's Funeral [4:01]
3. Something Important to Say [3:57]
4. Feeling Bad Vibes [5:39]
5. "Getting Warmer" [6:10]
6. Help Things Run Smoothly [3:59]
7. A Very Clean Man [8:06]
8. Don't Run Away [5:45]
9. Look Who's Coming to Dinner [5:05]
10. A Toast to the Murderer [10:31]
11. Get Rid of Him [11:29]
12. You're All Crazy [4:28]
13. The Grand Finale [4:16]
14. Reading of the Letter [6:57]
15. My Sister's Here [3:13]
16. This Family Is Broken [6:42]
17. Unforgivable [6:05]
18. End Titles [2:38]