Cast Away [Full Screen]

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An exploration of human survival and the ability of fate to alter even the tidiest of lives with one major event, Cast Away tells the story of Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), a @Federal Express engineer who devotes most of his life to his troubleshooting job. His girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt) is often neglected by his dedication to work, and his compulsive personality suggests a conflicted man. But on Christmas Eve, Chuck proposes marriage to Kelly right before embarking on a large assignment. On the assignment, a plane crash strands Chuck on a remote island, and his fast-paced life is slowed to a crawl, as he is miles removed from any human contact. Finding solace only in a volleyball that he befriends, Chuck must now learn to endure the emotional and physical stress of his new life, unsure of when he may return to the civilization he knew before. Cast Away reunites star Hanks with director Robert Zemeckis, their first film together since 1994's Oscar-winning Forrest Gump. ~ Jason Clark, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles
2. The FedEx® Way
3. A Message for Kelly
4. Home for Christmas
5. Presents & Promises
6. Turbulence
7. Mayday!
8. The Crash
9. Washed Ashore
10. Totally Alone
11. The Coconut Problem
12. The Island
13. Albert Miller
14. A Light in the Distance
15. The Storm
16. Gifts From FedEx®
17. To Make Fire
18. Wilson
19. His Own Dentist
20. Four Years Later
21. The Raft
22. 30 Feet of Rope
23. Escape to the Sea
24. Where's Wilson?
25. Rescued
26. Welcome Home
27. Back to Life
28. The Night Visitor
29. The Love of My Life
30. Adding It Up
31. At the Crossroads
32. End Titles