Harum Scarum

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Elvis Presley plays singer/actor Johnny Tyronne in this formulated quickie directed by Gene Nelson. While on a promotional tour of Pakistan, Johnny is drugged, kidnapped, and whisked away to a mythical Middle East country. Jay Novello plays the scheming Zacha who vows (for a price) to help Johnny in a world that is 2,000 years behind the times and sealed off from the outside world. With the help of Baba (Billy Barty), they hope to get Johnny back to the comforts of the modern world. Elvis shows off some neat karate moves, but he looks bored and resigned to the fact no one in Hollywood (or Colonel Tom Parker) will give him a serious screen role. Filmed on sets that were originally used for Kismet (1944) and Cecile B. DeMille's silent classic The Ten Commandments. As for the songs, only &Mirage and &Hey Little Girl are memorable. The generous Presley, perhaps feeling nostalgic, donated 50,000 to the motion picture relief fund after completing the film. On hand at the celebrity press conference were such luminaries as Frank Sinatra, Bud Abbott, and silent-screen veteran Chester Conklin. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Credits [1:30]
2. My Desert Serenade [3:33]
3. Go East, Young Man [4:00]
4. Missing [3:22]
5. Mirage [3:22]
6. From Abductee to Client [4:51]
7. Lady in Waiting [4:03]
8. Kismet [4:01]
9. Zacha's Idea [3:41]
10. Shake That Tambourine [4:21]
11. Family for Sale [5:17]
12. Hey Little Girl [3:19]
13. Kill or Be Killed [1:47]
14. Golden Coins [2:14]
15. Safety Measures [4:04]
16. Framed [2:49]
17. So Close Yet So Far [3:46]
18. Group Jailbreak [3:56]
19. Dropping in on Royality [3:01]
20. Who's King Now? [3:45]
21. Reinforcements for a Fee [3:02]
22. Sneak Attack [4:09]
23. Fighting Frenzy [3:59]
24. Harem Holiday [2:14]
25. Cast List [1:01]