Hostile Waters

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Based on an actual event, this made-for-television movie chronicles a delicate international situation that could have derailed Russian-American relations in the 1980s. Martin Sheen and Rutger Hauer star as military leaders on opposing sides, in this edgy drama about the collision between a Russian nuclear submarine and an American submarine off the coast of Bermuda. While the sub crews were dealing with the danger of a possible nuclear accident due to vessel damage, political leaders Reagan and Gorbachev were in the middle of sensitive peace talks. ~ Bernadette McCallion, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits/Sub K219 [6:53]
2. USS Aurora [6:01]
3. "Are We Clear?" [7:51]
4. Boomer on the Surface [7:59]
5. Out of Control [8:58]
6. Desperate Maneuver [10:38]
7. Serious Situation [6:27]
8. Reactor Room [7:54]
9. The Ultimate Sacrifice [12:43]
10. Abandon Ship [8:01]
11. Aftermath [6:31]
12. End Credits [1:50]

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