Snipes [DVD/CD]

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Music video director Richard Murray makes his feature debut with this hip-hop crime hriller about an ambitious kid caught in the shady underworld of the recording industry. Sam Jones III (Erik Triggs) is a wannabe ap artist working menial jobs at @Ill Wax Records by day and sneaking into the studio and laying down some tracks by night. His activities have already attracted the welcome attention of Cheryl (Zo Saldana), a bodacious marketing executive. Meanwhile, the company's villainous president Bobby Starr (Dean Winters) is bullying ap phoneme Prolifik (Nelly) into doing his debut record Bobby's way. On the same night that Sam and his buddy Malik sneak into the studios, Prolifik and his master tapes are abducted and soon the prime suspect appears to be none other than Sam. With the wrathful Starr on his tail and the cops closing in, Sam is forced to find the crook responsible the crime and fast. This film played at the ~2001 Toronto Film Festival. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- DVD
1. Program Start [6:44]
2. "Nino Brown" [2:30]
3. Life at Ill Wax [8:23]
4. Erik Meets His Hero [6:06]
5. The Next Day [6:57]
6. Some Clues Are Discovered [4:14]
7. A Visit to Midas [6:52]
8. The Hotel Room [3:48]
9. Erik and Bobby Chat [10:01]
10. The Plot Thickens [5:45]
11. Hot on the Trail [8:42]
12. Erik Discovers Hideout [10:15]
13. Cheryl's Story [3:54]
14. A Man With a Plan [5:09]
15. A Meeting at Dawn [8:19]
16. A Moment of Truth [4:33]
17. Logging the Tapes [4:03]
18. End Credits [3:59]