Eddie Izzard: Definite Article

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Recorded live at London's ~Shaftesbury Theater during a sold-out 12-week run, superstar British comic Eddie Izzard brings his remarkable stage act to the small screen for the benefit of those unable to attend the performance in person. A darling of critics and audiences alike, the multi-faceted actor/performer is unlike any other standup act on the circuit, making him one of the most unique voices in the comedy universe. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Intro and Thimbles [6:54]
2. Hairnets and Dog Food [9:08]
3. Squeezy Squeezt Thing [8:11]
4. Late Night Murderers [3:00]
5. Shoplifting [13:41]
6. Best Laid Plans of Mice [7:04]
7. Run, He Knows Latin! [7:51]
8. Romans Invade [6:52]
9. St Paul's Letters [9:33]
10. Salutes and Handshakes [1:43]
11. Being Cool [1:31]
12. Television, Gadgets and Quiz Shows [10:22]
13. Bond Gadgets [5:12]
14. From Einstein to Pavlov [4:06]
15. The Big Bang Salmon [5:38]