White Heat

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In later years, James Cagney regarded White Heat with a combination of pride and regret; while satisfied with his own performance, he tended to dismiss the picture as a "cheap melodrama." Seen today, White Heat stands as one of the classic crime films of the 1940s, containing perhaps Cagney's best bad-guy portrayal. The star plays criminal mastermind Cody Jarrett, a mother-dominated psychotic who dreams of being on "top of the world." Inadvertently leaving clues behind after a railroad heist, Jarrett becomes the target of the feds, who send an undercover agent (played by Edmond O'Brien) to infiltrate the Jarrett gang. While Jarrett sits in prison on a deliberately trumped-up charge (he confesses to one crime to provide himself an alibi for the railroad robbery), he befriends O'Brien, who poses as a hero-worshipping hood who's always wanted to work with Jarrett. Busting out of prison with O'Brien, Jarrett regroups his gang to mastermind a "Trojan horse" armored-car robbery. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Credits [1:19]
2. Train Heist [4:07]
3. Red-Hot Buzzsaw [5:12]
4. Taking Care of Silky [4:22]
5. Tip-Off, Tip Over [3:12]
6. Tailing Ma [4:43]
7. The Lesser Rap [4:32]
8. Not Going Fishing [5:05]
9. Psychopath Profile [3:04]
10. Danger of Discovery [2:48]
11. Little Tricks [3:16]
12. Ma's Watchful Eye [2:16]
13. Metal Shop Accident [2:49]
14. Payback Vows [1:58]
15. Breakout Planning [3:23]
16. Ma's Dead [6:13]
17. Raving Maniac [2:47]
18. Taking a Little Trip [2:48]
19. Giving Him Some Air [4:40]
20. Cody Wouldn't Like It [1:48]
21. In the Back [2:47]
22. Big Ed's Fall [3:03]
23. Trojan Horse [3:03]
24. The Trader [3:45]
25. Maybe I Am Nuts [3:27]
26. Radio Fixer [3:17]
27. Mirror Message [3:27]
28. Catching the Signal [4:10]
29. Hank Fingered [2:30]
30. Cody Jarrett Talking [4:21]
31. Refinery Chase [2:31]
32. Come and Get Me [2:35]
33. Top of the World [2:00]