Blood Tide

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It will come as quite a shock to discover the venerable James Earl Jones and José Ferrer slumming in this Greek-lensed ultra-cheapie about a legendary sea creature aroused from centuries of sleep off the shores of a Greek island by an opportunistic American archaeologist (Jones). It seems the beastie's legacy is well known by some of the island's old-timers (namely Ferrer), including the part about appeasing the monster with a virgin sacrifice -- namely the alluring Deborah Shelton. The exotic locations and the presence of the gruff Jones (who apparently saw this as a paid vacation) lend a great deal of production value, but apparently Jones' salary came out of the filmmakers' special-effects budget -- because the feared creature of ancient legend looks like a sock puppet! This film is also known as Red Tide and Demon Lake. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. The Ancient Sacrifice [7:08]
2. Finding Madeline [12:53]
3. The Explosion [5:54]
4. The Nightmare [5:01]
5. Damage to the Boat [4:39]
6. The Three Layered Painting [3:41]
7. The Attack [3:18]
8. The Bad News [3:47]
9. The Funerals [12:11]
10. The Second Attack [9:50]
11. The Beast [5:19]
12. Saving Madeline [9:37]