Dream to Believe

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The curiously neglected A Dream to Believe (aka Flying) can be summed up as a distaff Rocky. Olivia D'Abo is starred as a teen-aged girl who dreams of becoming a top gymnast. Human, emotional and financial roadblocks do not dissuade D'Abo, nor do her own severe physical shortcomings. You can see the ending come a mile away, but there'll still be tears in your eyes. Filmed in Canada, A Dream to Believe enjoyed a second life in video stores thanks to the presence in the cast of a pre-stardom Keanu Reeves. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
2. The Practices [9:32]
3. Training in the Factory [24:04]
4. Making the Team [8:22]
5. Restaurant Confrontation [4:26]
6. The Top 3 [13:46]
7. The Party, the Death [2:53]
8. Remembering [9:28]
9. Mass Training [5:29]
10. The Competition [5:38]
11. The Injury [6:07]
12. The Finals [2:34]
13. The Results [1:40]