Quiet American

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The Quiet American was the first major American-financed film to touch upon the powder-keg situation in Vietnam (still referred to as Indochina in 1958). Audie Murphy plays an enigmatic American who comes to Saigon, ostensibly on an economic mission. He meets an embittered journalist (Michael Redgrave) who is living with an Indochinese girl (Giorgia Moll). The American falls for the girl and promises to marry her. In retaliation, the reporter tells the communists that the American GI's economist stance is a cover, and that he is actually selling munitions to non-communist troops. Graham Greene had intended his novel -The Quiet American to be an attack against American influence in Southeast Asia. Producer/director/adapter Joseph L. Mankiewicz would have none of that, so he changed the ending into a pro-Yankee tract -- thereby killing any impact the film might have had. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/The Murder [12:34]
2. Remembering a Milkshake [6:18]
3. "Le Rendez-Vous" [6:19]
4. On Love's Battlefront [8:57]
5. Fighting for the Future [12:32]
6. "The Eye of God" [8:33]
7. Saved By the Enemy [5:15]
8. The Sad Letter [4:14]
9. Story or Slander [7:26]
10. Confronting the Lie [3:31]
11. Exploding Bicycles? [2:58]
12. Desperate Times [1:40]
13. The Betrayal [4:00]
14. Forcing the Truth [14:28]
15. "A Strange Finish" [6:50]
16. "Now Is Too Late!" [10:46]