XXX [2 Discs]

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The director (Rob Cohen) and star (Vin Diesel) of the previous summer's hit The Fast and the Furious (2001) are reunited for this spy thriller billed as a next-generation James Bond adventure. Diesel stars as Xander Cage, a nihilist extreme sports enthusiast nicknamed "Triple X" because of a large tattoo covering his back and neck. Cage's illegal stunts and poor attitude (he's given to spouting dialogue such as, "Have you ever been punched in the face for talking too much?") land him in jail, where he's recruited/blackmailed into government service by the National Security Agency's Augustus Gibbons, who likes Cage for his skills and expendability. The new secret agent is assigned to infiltrate a Russian crime ring called Anarchy 99, whose access to biochemical weaponry is making the United States extremely nervous. With the help of some high-tech gadgets from weapons master Toby Lee Shavers (Michael Roof), Cage is able to make his way into Anarchy 99, where he targets the group's leader Yorgi (Marton Csokas) and falls for the organization's second-in-command, Yelena (Asia Argento). XXX (2002) is the first in a hoped-for franchise of sequels for the film's producer, @Revolution Studios. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- xXx, Disc 1
1. Start [:22]
2. Agent Augustus Gibbons [3:19]
3. Xander's Little Bridge Stunt [2:31]
4. Surprise Party [4:24]
5. The Diner Test [2:23]
6. El Jefe [6:52]
7. Fuerza Aerea Colombiana Strike [2:29]
8. Hell on Wheels [2:07]
9. Xander's Lucky Day [3:51]
10. Milan Sova [7:22]
11. Anarchy 99 [2:18]
12. Agent Toby Lee Shavers [7:59]
13. $1.2 Million Car Order [3:30]
14. "Technologicque Park" [4:36]
15. Tucking Xander Into Bed [8:33]
16. Lunch With a Secret Agent [4:53]
17. The Kirill Kill [3:17]
18. Ahab [7:27]
19. Silent Night [2:48]
20. Fire in the Hole! [2:52]
21. "I Switched Sides." [3:16]
22. Taking Out the Communications Tower [:54]
23. Saved By the Prague Police [:57]
24. No Smoking Allowed [3:43]
25. Wipe Out [6:45]
26. Going Straight Through [6:28]
27. Dropping in on Ahab [:55]
28. "Welcome to the Xander Zone!" [4:58]