Last Shot

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Directed by Jeff Nathanson, The Last Shot follows what happens when, like so many aspiring entertainers, the FBI gets caught up in the grandeur of showbiz. When Agent Joe Devine (Alec Baldwin) is given a key role in an elaborate scheme to take down the infamous mob boss John Gotti, he gladly accepts the assignment and goes undercover as a Hollywood producer. Before long, he has assembled an unwitting cast, including aspiring director Steven Schatz (Matthew Broderick), who agrees to direct for Devine without realizing the entire production is merely a front for the investigation. As Agent Devine and several of his cohorts from the bureau begin enjoying their lives as self-appointed industry players, however, justice takes a backseat as the would-be law-enforcement operatives put all of the passion into turning what began as a sham movie project into a true Hollywood contender. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [1:28]
2. A Suicide [4:00]
3. Tommy Sanz [3:23]
4. Hollywood [2:27]
5. "Movies Saved My Life" [3:11]
6. Selling the Script [4:10]
7. Ponderosa [2:32]
8. Action [3:13]
9. Providence [4:44]
10. The Union [6:32]
11. Emily French [4:03]
12. The Business of Movies [:01]
13. Telegram [4:24]
14. Production [3:47]
15. Day 1 [4:38]
16. The Circus [3:34]
17. Evidence [4:35]
18. End Credits [5:17]