Never Let Go

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This shockingly violent yet engaging crime drama is about a bitter battle for survival in the lingering poverty of post-World War II London. Richard Todd plays optimistic but ineffectual soap and shampoo salesman John Cummings whose job becomes even harder when his new car is stolen. The theft triggers an unraveling of Cummings' life, and he channels his desperate energy toward retrieving his stolen vehicle. He first tracks it down through young tough Tommy Towers (pop star Adam Faith), who actually stole the automobile, and then to his boss Lionel Meadows (Peter Sellers), who heads the car thief ring. Meadows hides his sadistic tendencies behind the facade of a legitimate business. Above the garage he uses as a front, he has locked Tommy's girlfriend, Jackie (Carol White), in his apartment and appropriated her as his moll. Cummings tries to get the police involved, but they cannot act for lack of any evidence. He then earns the trust of Tommy and Jackie to get better knowledge of how Meadows operates his business. In his naïve attempts to confront the car ring, Cummings is at first treated as an annoyance, but as his intention to destroy Meadows' business and livelihood becomes clear, the crime boss vows to destroy him in turn. ~ Michael Buening, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/The Theft [5:10]
2. Back to Earth [6:52]
3. Complaints [5:24]
4. Victory Café [5:38]
5. What Proof? [5:15]
6. The Handler [5:54]
7. Useless [5:59]
8. Snooping Around [4:49]
9. "Pipe Dreams" [6:40]
10. Free Samples [4:34]
11. In Enemy Territory [:11]
12. Legit [5:07]
13. Change of Location [6:48]
14. Tipped Off [5:03]
15. Obsessed [5:17]
16. Showdown/End Credits [6:08]

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