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The year is 2095 and the ancient Egyptian gods have returned to Earth to cast judgment on the falcon-headed god Horus in this epic fantasy from comic-book creator Enki Bilal. Given only one week by the gods to preserve his immortality, Horus must search New York City and find both a human host whose body he will inhabit and a willing mate to continue his legacy. As the enormous pyramid of the gods looms ominously over Manhattan, a beautiful and mysterious young woman named Jill wanders the streets in search of her true identity. With striking blue hair to match the azure tears that stream down her cheeks, Jill is joined in her search by a doctor determined to help her unlock her true power. In the Immortal world, reality is limited only by imagination, and the futuristic city is inhabited by creatures never conceived in even your wildest dreams. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [7:31]
2. Election Debates [9:54]
3. Danger for Humans [7:57]
4. Am I Dead? [9:48]
5. Everybody Down [8:22]
6. Suiting Up [7:04]
7. Vengeful Love [7:17]
8. Talking About Next Time [8:40]
9. The First Chapter [9:25]
10. My Dear Friend [10:12]
11. Who's Mortal? [10:44]
12. Ending Credits [6:11]