Seeing Other People

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Directed by Wallace Wolodarsky, Seeing Other People features Jay Mohr and Julianne Nicholson as Ed and Alice, a soon-to-be married couple with one rather significant problem facing them: Alice doesn't think she's had enough sex to excuse settling down with one man for the rest of her life. Though reluctant, Ed agrees, at Alice's insistence, to have a premarital free-for-all of sorts; a period in which both Alice and Ed are allowed to explore sexual and emotional relationships with other people. Complications ensue when it turns out that fooling around with multiple partners as a method of strengthening the sanctity of marriage isn't as easy as it appeared. Seeing Other People also stars Lauren Graham, Bryan Cranston, Josh Charles, and Matthew Davis. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Happiness [2:34]
2. Engagement Party [6:23]
3. Casual Sex [2:22]
4. A New Adventure [4:59]
5. Alice Makes Her Move [4:46]
6. Ed's Turn [3:57]
7. Best Sex in Years [2:44]
8. Loosened Up [5:07]
9. Going Their Own Way [1:49]
10. Intervention [1:33]
11. Good Mom [3:12]
12. "We're Adults" [5:55]
13. Three's a Crowd [8:32]
14. Breakup With Donald [2:33]
15. Jake's Note [5:11]
16. Spying on Ed [7:34]
17. Like a Porn Video [2:54]
18. One Crazy Night [9:54]
19. Meant to Be [2:04]
20. End Credits [5:52]