Magic Sword

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In this fun-filled adventure-fantasy, a rookie knight embarks upon a valiant quest to save a princess who has been captured by a malicious magician. Along the way he must battle the usual assortment of dragons, ogres and other mythical beings. He is assisted by a good witch who gives him a magic sword. Unfortunately, the magic fails and suddenly he must find his own magic from within. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/Sorceress [3:34]
2. "Pool of Magic" [3:02]
3. Who Will Save the Princess? [5:09]
4. George Gets His Freedom [6:11]
5. A Force of Knights [3:59]
6. Dragon Food [3:54]
7. Conquering an Ogre [3:56]
8. "Help Us!" [3:36]
9. Lost for Good [6:00]
10. Turn Tail or Stay? [4:46]
11. A Ring of Treachery [2:50]
12. The Cursed Hag [5:11]
13. Preparing a Potion [1:08]
14. Tricked and Trapped [3:00]
15. Mortals in Love [6:35]
16. "The Power to Attack" [8:25]