Doomsday Gun

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This HBO docudrama tells the real-life story of Dr. Gerald Bull (Frank Langella), a genius weapons designer whose services were used by the CIA for some highly suspect operations. After these operations were exposed, the CIA denied all knowledge of them and Bull was put in prison; following his release, he began to work with Saddam Hussein to build an extremely dangerous supergun that threatened the security of Israel. Doomsday Gun also stars Kevin Spacey, Alan Arkin, Rupert Graves, and Francesca Annis. ~ Rebecca Flint Marx, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Doomsday Gun
1. Betrayal [6:25]
2. Iraqi Desert, 1988 [1:31]
3. The Wizard of Guns [3:59]
4. The Journey to Babylon [3:41]
5. Bull's Cathedral [1:19]
6. Uninvited Guests [6:43]
7. Testing Baby Babylon [2:00]
8. Baghdad Arms Fair, May 1989 [2:36]
9. 45 Degrees [3:02]
10. No Time for Jokes [6:29]
11. Uncovering the Truth [4:14]
12. Firing to 100 Feet [4:01]
13. A Hell of a Journey [5:17]
14. End Credits [2:28]


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