Angels Hard As They Come

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Angels Hard as They Come is a melange of sex, violence, leather, and souped-up Harleys with a note of topicality added in by having some of the bikers dress and behave like hippies. One of the things distinguishing Angels Hard as They Come other pictures of its ilk is the fact that it was produced and written by Jonathan Demme. Also worth noting is the presence in the cast of stars-to-be Scott Glenn and Gary Busey, together with broken-nosed cult fave Charles Dierkop. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Angels Hard As They Come
3. Bike Brothers [7:41]
4. Lost Cause [7:53]
5. New Race [8:45]
6. Trial [8:48]
7. Fun & Games [8:08]
8. Going for Help [9:24]
9. Looking Grim [12:45]
10. Getting Out [4:52]
11. The Truth [5:36]
12. Angels' Revenge [5:25]