Millions [Widescreen]

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Director Danny Boyle revisits a theme from his Shallow Grave and Trainspotting days -- greed -- but focuses on a much younger protagonist with this comedy drama. Millions opens with recent widower Ronnie (James Nesbitt) moving his two precocious pre-pubescent sons to the suburbs. Missing his mother and the comforts of his old neighborhood, the young Damian (Alex Etel) builds a cardboard-box fort on the outskirts of the suburb, where one day his placid introvert existence is literally crushed by a giant gym bag full of thousands of pounds' worth of cash. Less concerned with the origin of the money than with how to spend it, Damian and his older brother, Anthony (Lewis McGibbon), decide to keep it a secret from their father, which becomes an increasingly tricky proposition as the days pass. His conscience getting in the way of his spending, Damian debates the ethics of his ill-gotten gains with a handful of imaginary saints, and begins to try to spend his cash a little more altruistically. But his charitable deeds inadvertently attract the attention of a mysterious, threatening man who's desperate to get his hands on the money. Marking a distinct change of pace for Boyle after the horror film 28 Days Later, Millions world-premiered at the ~2004 Toronto Film Festival. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Millions
1. Main Titles/Moving House
2. New School
3. Latter Day Saints
4. Real Money
5. Helping the Poor
6. How to Spend It
7. The Man
8. For Feeding Babies
9. Talking Rubbish Bin
10. The Heist
11. From God
12. Loaves and Fishes
13. Three Days Left
14. Nativity Play
15. Led by a Star
16. A Decent Home
17. Use it or Lose It
18. Outstretched Hands
19. Saint Maureen
20. A Good Cause/End Titles