Edge of America

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Native American filmmaker Chris Eyre directs the made-for-TV sports drama Edge of America, based on a true story and shot entirely in Salt Lake City, UT. James McDaniel plays Mr. Kenny Williams, a black man from Texas who moves out to Utah to accept a position as an English teacher at the Three Nations Reservation. He has a difficult time fitting in with the tight-knit Native American community, especially when he's asked to coach the high school girls' basketball team. He has to struggle with getting the hapless team back in shape to play against the nearby all-white high school. Also starring Irene Bedard, Tim Daly, and Wes Studi. Edge of America premiered in the U.S. at the ~Sundance Film Festival in 2004. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Edge of America
1. Opening Credits [7:01]
2. "Need a Lift?" [13:26]
3. The Crash [15:10]
4. "Did Someone Blow a Whistle?" [18:47]
5. "They Own Everything" [17:25]
6. "Having Things Your Way" [7:32]
7. Together [9:28]
8. End Credits [14:23]