Ultimate Avengers: The Movie

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As the world sinks into a deep crisis and the threat of ultimate destruction looms just over the horizon, the only hope for mankind lies in six superheroes in this animated @Marvel feature. The world's most powerful superheroes have all been brought together in hopes of averting disaster, but with Captain America locked frozen in a solid block of ice for over 60 years, the powerful team must struggle to find a leader. As the reluctant superheroes combine their forces to fight for the good of mankind, the sudden emergence of an unexpected opponent from within their own ranks throws the entire mission -- and the fate of mankind -- into chaos. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Ultimate Avengers: The Movie
1. Suicide Mission [5:35]
2. "I Think We Found Something" [3:31]
3. Super Candidates [4:28]
4. Intruders [3:37]
5. Making an Impression [4:16]
6. "It's Everything to Me" [4:07]
7. Iron Man [4:27]
8. "Why Me?" [3:51]
9. Round Table Meeting [4:46]
10. A Curse [4:47]
11. The Ultimates Attack [4:33]
12. Passing Blame [4:49]
13. Hulk's Fight [6:18]
14. Rock Giant [5:03]
15. Taking Care of Bussiness [2:58]
16. All Clear [4:00]