Ice Harvest [Widescreen]

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Two men on the run from the mob end up negotiating more than their share of obstacles along the way in this comedy drama from director Harold Ramis. Vic Cavanaugh (Billy Bob Thornton) and Charlie Arglist (John Cusack) are a pair of friends who work for Bill Gerard (Randy Quaid), a mobster with his finger in a number of illegal businesses. Vic runs a pornography distribution outfit for Bill, while Charlie is a lawyer who keeps Bill and his partners out of jail, and between them, Vic and Charlie have stolen over two million dollars in cash from Bill. On Christmas Eve, Vic and Charlie plan to make off with their money and escape Bill's clutches once and for all, but while Vic stays cool and collected, an increasingly nervous Charlie stops off at a topless bar to fortify his courage with a few drinks, and ends up causing a scene with Renata (Connie Nielsen), a dancer he's long had his eye on. It doesn't take long for word about Charlie to get back to Bill, who sends an enforcer out to track him down, but while Charlie tries to make tracks, he ends up having to look after his friend Pete (Oliver Platt), who is much more drunk than Charlie and even more inclined to make a nuisance of himself. The Ice Harvest was adapted from the novel by Scott Philips. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Ice Harvest
1. The Perfect Crime (Main Titles) [4:53]
2. In Over Your Head [4:40]
3. Stick to the Plan [3:20]
4. It's Christmas [1:36]
5. Getting Paranoid [3:02]
6. Old Acquaintance [4:59]
7. No Regrets [6:42]
8. Here's to You [3:01]
9. Man Down [3:24]
10. Desires & Urges [4:16]
11. In a Jam [3:16]
12. Last Chance [2:50]
13. Trunk Space [6:24]
14. Having Doubts [:24]
15. Done Talking [2:36]
16. Big Trouble [7:18]
17. Top Dawg [4:32]
18. Last Man Standing [8:27]
19. Mr. Nice Guy [4:08]
20. End Titles [4:08]