2001 Maniacs

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Hostel director Eli Roth's genre-friendly @Raw Nerve film group makes its gore-soaked splash with director Tim Sullivan's kitchy remake of Hershell Gordon Lewis' southern-fried splatter-fest. A drunken group of hard partying college-kids are in for a Spring Break they'll never forget when they take a tragic detour through the small southern town of Pleasant Valley. Greeted by the overzealous mayor (Robert Englund) and promised a wild time at the town's annual barbecue celebration, the initially-hesitant teens soon agree to spend the night when the citizen's down-home hospitality simply becomes too much to resist. But things are not what they seem in the timeless town of Pleasant Valley, and as the thrill seeking students begin to disappear one-by-one in the most gruesome of fashions, it soon becomes obvious that they are to be the main ingredient in Pleasant Valley's most tasty tradition. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- 2001 Maniacs
1. Main Titles 2001 Maniacs [6:05]
2. Deliverance Country [4:53]
3. Detour [8:49]
4. Country Charm [7:18]
5. Breaking Bread [5:43]
6. Love Is In the Air [4:19]
7. Kissing Cousins [7:48]
8. Southern Belle [5:06]
9. Suspicions [5:37]
10. The Guest of Honor [6:37]
11. Last Request [5:42]
12. Barbeque [11:05]
13. Back to Pleasant Valley [4:49]
14. End Credits [3:24]