Date Movie [Unrated] [Widescreen]

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The glorious Hollywood institution of the omantic comedy gets raked over the coals in this broad parody of any number of boy-meets-girl flicks. Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) is a young woman who wants nothing more than to find the man of her dreams and settle down. However, Julia has a rather serious weight problem that prevents her from making a positive impression on people. Determined to find love at all costs, Julia somehow drops the weight and meets Grant Fonckyerdoder (Adam Campbell), a handsome and charming Englishman who falls head over heels for her. Julia and Grant waste no time in setting the date, but until they make their way to the altar they have to deal with meddling parents, flaky wedding planners, fights over the right wedding dress, vertically challenged romantic advisors, and Andy (Sophie Monk), a longtime friend of Grant, who isn't so happy to hear he's getting hitched. Also featuring Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge, Eddie Griffin, and Tony Cox, Date Movie was written and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, proudly billed as "two of the six writers of Scary Movie." ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Date Movie
1. Main Titles [:25]
2. Somewhere Out There [:13]
3. The Date Doctor [4:07]
4. Officially Pimped Out [2:31]
5. Extreme Bachelor [3:29]
6. Not a Greek, Indian, Japanese Jew [1:59]
7. The Joneses [:28]
8. The Proposal [2:28]
9. Meet the Fockyerdoders [4:55]
10. Jell-O, the Wedding Planner [:44]
11. Andy [4:23]
12. Mr. and Mrs. [2:31]
13. Dress Shopping [:08]
14. Rehearsal Dinner [7:59]
15. Chasing Julia [:09]
16. Objection [1:12]
17. Rescuing Grant Right Back [4:52]
18. An All-American Wedding [1:47]
19. Kong Island [:02]
20. End Titles [5:51]