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In Guy Green's adaptation of John Fowles's acclaimed second novel, Michael Caine plays Nicholas Urfe, an English schoolteacher evading serious romantic commitment with stewardess Anne (Godard muse Anna Karina). As a last resort, Urfe escapes the clutches of his paramour by accepting a professorship on the Greek island of Phraxos, and, upon arrival, promptly discovers that his predecessor committed suicide. Via a clue left behind in the room of the deceased, Urfe soon encounters Conchis (Anthony Quinn), an impresario/psychic/black magician/filmmaker who may have been responsible for the former professor's death, and who twists Urfe's mind and perceptions, while subtly leading the young man down the path to higher consciousness. Urfe also discovers the radiant Lily (Candice Bergen), a Diana-like figure (and possibly a literal goddess incarnation), with whom he becomes instantly smitten - and who just happens to be Conchis's lover. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Magus
1. Main Titles/New Teacher [5:06]
2. Twin Spirits [3:56]
3. Two Cups on My Table [5:09]
4. The Paperweight [3:57]
5. Playing at Death [6:51]
6. Lost Love [3:53]
7. Phantom Visit [1:19]
8. Visions [3:57]
9. End of the Affair [8:10]
10. Psychiatric Clinic [2:09]
11. Who's Really Mad? [:23]
12. A Bird in Hand [4:15]
13. Soldiers on the Beach [7:07]
14. Improvisation [2:26]
15. Puppets [10:54]
16. Chapel Rendezvous [:08]
17. Production Clown [2:06]
18. Firing Squad [2:21]
19. Failure to Love [3:00]
20. The Magus [3:40]
21. Judge [4:07]
22. Executioner [3:05]
23. What Is Truth? [1:44]
24. For the First Time/End Titles [9:46]