12 and Holding

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A trio of troubled suburbanites attempts to come to grips with the personal issues that surface following the tragic death of one of their own in this introspective adolescent drama from L.I.E. screenwriter/director (Michael Cuesta). In the months following the death of Jacob's (Conor Donovan) likeable, athletic twin brother, Rudy (also Donovan), Jacob and friends Malee (Zoe Weizenbaum) and Leonard (Jesse Camacho) struggle to make sense of the unfortunate youth's fiery demise at the hands of local bullies. As Jacob quickly loses himself to revenge fantasies and sets into motion a series of destructive plans designed to destroy the kids responsible for his brother's death, Malee focuses her attention on a dejected patient of her psychotherapist mother, and obese Leonard struggles about weight and health issues with his equally obese mother. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- 12 and Holding
1. 12th Birthday [4:23]
2. Fourth of July [1:51]
3. The Treehouse Fire [2:59]
4. Rudy's Funeral [6:52]
5. Back to School [3:27]
6. Dealing With Death [3:18]
7. Jacob's Visit [1:50]
8. Malee and Gus's Picnic [2:38]
9. Leonard's Exercise Kick [4:56]
10. Malee's Recital [8:08]
11. Jeff Commits Suicide [1:37]
12. In Gus's Apartment [4:03]
13. Christmas [7:20]
14. "Burning for You" [2:47]
15. Grace's Lockup [9:48]
16. Gas Leak [1:59]
17. Soul Mates [3:17]
18. Carla and Gus Talk [9:23]
19. Revenge [8:11]
20. End Credits [5:39]