Jack Bruce: The Cream of Cream

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The instructional video Jack Bruce: The Cream of Cream features the legendary bass guitarist offering a series of tips on how anyone can learn to play some of the most celebrated songs in Cream's formidable catalogue including &"Sunshine of Your Love," and &"White Room." ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Jack Bruce: The Cream of Cream
1. "Politician" - Intro [1:35]
2. Starting Out on Bass [1:22]
3. "N.S.U." [9:18]
4. Cream As a Jazz Trio [2:19]
6. "White Room" [1:13]
5. Musical Influences [10:00]
7. Veena Technique [1:25]
8. Breaking Musical Rules [2:31]
9. "Sunshine Your Love" [8:35]
10. Bass Chords [1:53]
11. Improvising [1:10]
12. "Sleepy Time Time" [10:47]
13. "I Feel Free" [4:50]
14. Gibson EB-1 Bass [:33]
15. Distorted Vs. Clean Sound [2:40]
16. Closing Credits [1:35]