Apartment Zero [Special Edition]

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A withdrawn Beunos Aries movie buff develops an unusually charged relationship with his new roommate in this off-beat psychological thriller. Reclusive and demanding, movie theater owner Adrian LeDuc is none too happy when circumstances force him to share his apartment. His outlook begins to shift, however, when he meets Jack Carney, a confident charmer with movie star looks. Adrian is both strangely attracted to and resentful of Jack, and the two form a sometimes awkward, often unspoken bond. This connection is challenged, however, when it is revealed that Jack may be hiding a horrible secret in regards to his enigmatic past. While it always remains grounded in the dynamics of the roommate's relationship, the film expands to encompass much more, from an implicit critique of obsessive movie fandom to a look at the bloody politics of the Argentinean military regime. Ultimately, however, the film is primarily concerned with creating a mood of slowly building suspense mixed with a streak of black humor, which becomes more pronounced as the film approaches its violent climax. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Apartment Zero
1. Opening Credits [2:14]
2. Apartment Zero [7:02]
3. Room for Rent [10:54]
4. Movie Trivia [9:03]
5. Avoid the Neighbors [11:36]
6. A Strange Resemblance [8:32]
7. Confessions to a Stranger [7:38]
8. A Chat With Mother [3:03]
9. Don't Be Afraid [12:44]
10. Spying on Jack [:49]
11. Expired Passport [7:06]
12. Possible I.D. [8:46]
13. Suspicious Mob [3:07]
14. We Need Each Other [9:14]
15. A New Guest [10:07]
16. End Credits [10:47]

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