Half Nelson

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An inner-city teacher struggling with addiction forms an unlikely bond with a young student who catches him in a compromising position in director Ryan Fleck's feature-length adaptation of his own award-winning short film Gowanus, Brooklyn. Despite his dedication to the junior-high students who fill his classroom, idealistic teacher Dan Dunne (Ryan Gosling) leads a secret life that the majority of his students will never know. When Dunne's drug-soaked nightlife begins to bleed over into his daytime hours and troubled student Drey (Shareeka Epps) makes a startling discovery, the tenuous bond that forms between the pair soon leads to a warm friendship that could either lead them down a dangerous path or provide the human companionship needed to see things from a fresh perspective and start life anew. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Half Nelson
1. Opening Sequence [3:59]
2. Basketball Practice [3:41]
3. The Other Thing [3:26]
4. Good to See You [2:28]
5. Girl's Locker Room [5:27]
6. Skipping Class [4:48]
7. Turning Point [4:05]
8. Nice Cap [3:50]
9. Rough Morning [4:33]
10. The Machine [3:07]
11. Engaged [6:00]
12. A Good Day [2:50]
13. Always Changing [3:12]
14. Some Candy [3:47]
15. Hard to Like [4:53]
16. A Communist? [4:44]
17. History Major [3:30]
18. That's My Bike [5:31]
19. Late Night Visit [4:29]
20. Cheating [2:04]
21. Here For You [4:58]
22. Scary Things [3:13]
23. Good With the Kids [3:41]
24. Motel Delivery [4:45]
25. Substitute [1:24]
26. Where are Your Friends [1:47]
27. Cleaning Up [1:31]
28. End Credits [4:45]

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