Giant Behemoth

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A perennial of the "Shock Theatre" TV circuit of the 1950s, The British The Giant Behemoth owes a great deal to the earlier American sci-fier The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. A Cornish fisherman is found covered with what looks like radiation burns. Before he dies, the fisherman utters the word "behemoth," citing a monster alluded to in the Bible. It isn't long before England is besieged by a dinosaur-like monstrosity, evidently the by-product of atomic fallout. Only a high-powered torpedo stands between the Giant Behemoth and the helpless British citizenry. The film's stop-motion animation is pretty good, considering the tight budget; all the title character lacks is the distinctive personality of a King Kong, Godzilla or Gorgo. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Giant Behemoth
1. Credits [1:19]
2. Biological Chain Reaction [3:43]
3. "Behemoth!" [4:53]
4. Dead Fish and Stuff [2:28]
5. Same as Hiroshima [3:50]
6. Isn't Very Pretty [4:23]
7. Something Came Out [3:20]
8. Built-In X-Ray [5:57]
9. In His Sights [3:18]
10. Unidentified Species [4:25]
11. Burning Sensation [1:34]
12. Paleosaurus [4:37]
13. Gone in a Flash [4:59]
14. Ferry Disaster [3:40]
15. Evacuations [4:20]
16. Radium Warhead [2:43]
17. Ashore in London [7:01]
18. Night Terror [4:30]
19. Two-Man Submarine [4:06]
20. Fire! [3:11]
21. Report From America [1:17]

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