Spenser: Pale Kings & Princes

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This telemovie follow-up to @ABC's hit Boston-based detective series Spenser: For Hire (1985-88) aired a little over five years after the original program wrapped. Adapted (like the weekly series) from mystery stories authored by Robert B. Parker, this outing finds ex-Beantown policeman Spenser (Robert Urich) visiting a New England small town to uncover the grimy truth behind a murder - and learning, in the process, that a syndicate of cocaine-running goons controls the town. He is assisted in his investigation by his girlfriend Susan Silverman (Barbara Williams). Parker and his wife, Joan H. Parker, co-authored the script. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Execution Style [2:06]
2. Opening Credits [5:46]
3. Front Page Stories [8:44]
4. How About a Beer [9:38]
5. "The Blues Brothers" [7:37]
6. Interested Party [5:12]
7. Looking for Emee [4:15]
8. Into Esteva's Lair [5:53]
9. Professional Hit? [7:12]
10. Hawk Arrives [6:34]
11. Squeezing Esteva [4:00]
12. Checking Out Brett [16:38]
13. Catching a Killer [4:56]
14. A Case Solved [:51]
15. End Credits [1:03]