Muriel Anderson: A Guitarscape Planet [HD-DVD]

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Murial Anderson: A Guitarscape Planet features the renowned guitarist performing over a dozen songs. Each of the songs are accompanied by images of nature in an effort to create a serene viewing and listening experience. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Muriel Anderson: A Guitarscape Planet
0. Two Shores
0. Arioso
0. Moonscape
0. Prelude to a New Morning
0. Sunsets
0. Stroll in the Sand
0. Suite African Day
0. Quiet Pond
0. Lion Kings
0. Vegans
0. Born Enemies
0. Wild Dog Days
0. Pachyderms
0. Sundown
0. Nola
0. Endeavour
0. Flying Rays
0. Waterfalls
0. Crystal Horizon
0. The Peak
0. Great Blue
0. Living Out a Dream
0. Shark Fin Soup
0. Calm Before the Storm
0. Owl's Psalm