Roustabout [Remastered]

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Charlie Rogers (Elvis Presley) is a coffeehouse singer who joins a financially troubled carnival in Roustabout. He is hired by owner Maggie Morgan (Barbara Stanwyck) and soon catches the eye of his pretty female co-worker Cathy Lean (Joan Freeman). Cathy's irate father Joe (Leif Erickson) clashes with Charlie when he tries to romance his daughter, but Charlie's singing helps bring in the much-needed money for the failing carnival and keeps the wolves from the big tent show. A disagreement has Charlie joining another carnival before things are smoothed out. Watch for Raquel Welch and Terry Garr in bit parts. Presley delivers 11 songs, the highlight being the Mike Leiber/Jerry Stoller tune&"Little Egypt". ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

0. Scene Selection
1. Main Title - "Roustabout" [1:35]
2. The Tea House [2:29]
3. "Poison Ivy League" [4:42]
4. Bailed Out [2:22]
5. "Wheels On My Heels" [3:46]
6. The Carny [:58]
7. Madame Mijanou [5:57]
8. Fire Eater [2:31]
9. "It's A Wonderful World" [2:51]
10. Opening Day [3:01]
11. "It's Carnival Time" [:52]
12. "Carny Town" [5:47]
13. "One Track Heart" [2:48]
14. Monday Night [3:05]
15. "Hard Knocks" [1:03]
16. Harry the Undertaker [4:51]
17. Dunk the Girl [1:10]
18. Just Passing Through [1:57]
19. Wall of Death [2:49]
20. A Cruel Boy [1:19]
21. Working for Carver [8:35]
22. "Little Egypt" [5:33]
23. A Family to Support [:30]
24. "Big Love, Big Heartache" [5:54]
25. Going Back [4:11]
26. "There's A Brand New Day On the Horizon" [2:23]