Counterfeit Constable

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In this French comedy, one little white lie leads to a series of whoppers as a Frenchman visiting London soon discovers. The French fellow has gone to London with his friends to catch a soccer match. He then must go to the dentist where, just for fun, he puts on a British policeman's uniform. Dressed as a bobby, he scares away some robbers. Unfortunately, he cannot tell them the truth because he is embarrassed to open his mouth and reveal the two teeth he lost at the soccer match. A chase ensues. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Counterfeit Constable
1. France vs. England [10:26]
2. The Dentist [7:50]
3. A Hero [7:13]
4. Running Away [4:56]
5. Tipperary [9:00]
6. The Queen [6:58]
7. A New Helmet [7:34]
8. A Phone Call [8:52]
9. Visiting Home [7:44]
10. Lending a Hand [3:30]
11. A Good Boy [9:41]
12. Closing Credits [2:44]