Velvet Vampire

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Diane (Celeste Yarnall), glamorous and wealthy denizen of nightclubs, lusted after by men and women, is a vampire. With the aid of dark glasses and wide-brimmed hats, she can venture out even in the daytime. She drains a horde of victims, including a biker, a mechanic and the mechanic's girlfriend, before she lures Lee (Michael Blodgett) and his wife Susan (Sherry Miles) to her mansion in the desert. Lee, who at first succumbs to her charms, panics when he finds the servant drained of blood, and tries to persuade Susan to leave with him. She is under the vampire's spell at the time, though, and refuses to leave. When Susan finds her husband's dry corpse, however, she does try to escape. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Velvet Vampire
1. Opening Credits [1:40]
2. Self Defense 101 [2:46]
3. Stone Gallery [4:31]
4. Off to the Desert [2:44]
5. Dead Ahead - Then Right [4:37]
6. Poked in the Night [4:39]
7. Dreams in the Desert [7:25]
8. Seduced in the Ghost Town [8:29]
9. Alone at Last [6:39]
10. Late Night Snack [7:56]
11. Body in the Hole [6:34]
12. Is the Car Ready? [8:01]
13. Is Something Wrong? [8:10]
14. It's Never Over/Death Is Not Forever [5:35]

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