Who's Your Caddy?

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When a high-profile hip-hop star is denied membership into an exclusive country club in the Hamptons, he comes up with a cunning plan to subvert the questionable ruling in this comedy of manners starring OutKast's Antwan Andre Patton. By purchasing property directly adjacent to the 18th hole, popular rapper C-Note (Patton) is subsequently granted membership into the haughty club by default. As the curmudgeonly club members make it their mission in life to get him kicked out, the clever rapper infuses the stodgy old club with new life. Andy Milonakis, Jeffrey Jones, and Faizon Love co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Who's Your Caddy?
1. There Goes the Neighborhood [6:34]
2. Location, Location, Location [5:54]
3. Legal Counsel [4:29]
4. Enough Rope [5:23]
5. Time to Play [6:37]
6. The Induction [6:01]
7. A Night on the Town [6:14]
8. A Small Job [3:31]
9. Who's Your Daddy? [6:00]
10. Time to Go [5:17]
11. The Sport of Kings [6:01]
12. The Challenge [4:40]
13. The Front Nine [5:14]
14. The Back Nine [6:15]
15. The 19th Hole [3:57]
16. End Credits [8:45]