Illegal Tender

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A Latino teen with a bright future is forced to battle the sins of the past when the thugs who killed his father return to finish off the rest of the family. College student Wilson De Leon, Kr. (Rick Gonzalez) has an adoring girlfriend and a doting mother, but never once has he been compelled to stand up for what he believes in. When gangsters killed Wilson's father, his mother Wanda (Wanda De Jesus) was forced to flee from her home in order to protect her two sons. From that point on, Wanda determined to give her boys the best life possible. Now that past has returned with a vengeance, but Wanda isn't running anymore. As the murderous gangsters attempt to finish the job that they started by killing Wilson's father, mother and son combine their wits to turn the tables on their tormentors and stand their ground. Empire director Franc Reyes writes and directs a hriller produced by John Singleton. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Illegal Tender
1. Collections (Main Titles) [5:59]
2. Making Payment [8:46]
3. Got to Go [2:01]
4. 21 Years Later [2:32]
5. Need a Break [6:52]
6. Spotted [6:09]
7. I Want to Know [4:05]
8. Staying Behind [2:52]
9. Unwanted Visitors [8:04]
10. Protecting the Family [5:16]
11. Welcome to Puerto Rico [7:42]
12. Meeting Cordero [8:21]
13. Coming Clean [5:01]
14. Not About the Money [4:29]
15. It Has to End [3:40]
16. No Going Back [4:37]
17. Flesh & Blood [6:20]
18. Cashing Out [4:58]
19. Let's Go Home [4:08]
20. End Titles [5:14]