Ghost Son

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Devastated by the recent loss of her husband and convinced that her newborn child is the product of a disturbing supernatural encounter, a suicidal American woman living on a remote ranch in South Africa turns to the local shamanistic traditions in a desperate bid to exorcise the evil that surrounds her. Stacey (Laura Herring) and Mark (John Hannah) were starting a new life in South Africa when Mark was suddenly killed in a violent car accident. Later, lost in her grief and intent on taking her own life, Stacey is cast into the throws of ecstasy during a nocturnal visit from her husband's disembodied spirit. Shortly thereafter, Stacey gives birth to a baby boy who she becomes convinced is Mark's child. It's not long before the single mother begins to suspect that the spirit of her late husband has taken possession of her young child's soul in an otherworldly attempt to kill her from beyond the grave. As the young boy's behavior grows increasingly disturbing, his widowed mother realizes that the Shamanistic traditions of Africa may provide the only means of saving their endangered souls. Pete Postlethwaite and Coraline Cataldi-Tassoni co-star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Ghost Son
1. The Perfect Couple [12:11]
2. Deadly Accident [14:33]
3. Can't Live Without Him [11:52]
4. Pleasure and Terror [11:46]
5. Ghost Son [6:46]
6. Midnight Illusions [6:01]
7. Household Terror [7:45]
8. Magical Solutions [5:37]
9. Furious Baby [5:50]
10. The Decision [6:02]
11. Letting Go [6:04]
12. Closing Credits [2:10]