American Commandos

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A former Green Beret becomes a low-budget Rambo after he stops a gang from robbing his LA gas station and they retaliate by slaughtering his family. Enraged, the veteran joins forces with a CIA agent and a mercenary band. Together they head to Southeast Asia's Golden Triangle to break up a major drug ring. Much of the film, including the LA sequences, were shot in the Philippines ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- American Commandos
1. Hold Up [5:09]
2. Settle It [7:07]
3. It's On [4:28]
4. Memories [3:37]
5. The Hunt [7:47]
6. The Team [7:41]
7. Rat Bastards [7:02]
8. Get Ready [7:37]
9. All Attack [8:28]
10. Enemies [6:55]
11. The Camp [9:33]
12. Unstoppable [13:13]