White Noise 2 [HD-DVD]

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In lieu of continuing the events of Geoffrey Sax's 2005 hriller White Noise (which starred Michael Keaton and Chandra West), the supernatural thriller White Noise 2 (released in Great Britain as White Noise: The Light) begins with a separate set of characters and explores a thematically similar set of events. Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion) is a sweet-natured, contented husband and father whose wife, Rebecca (Kendall Cross) and young son, Danny (Josh Ballard) are butchered by a seemingly crazed gunman. Henry Caine (Craig Fairbrass) bursts into a diner and shoots both of them, then turns the gun on himself. Devastated, Abe makes an unsuccessful suicide bid, then awakens in a hospital, where he finds himself in a near death experience, pulled inexorably toward a bright light. Regaining consciousness, Abe discovers his sudden, newfound ability to spot "auras" around the living that signal death in advance. He uses the precognition to save several lives from potential disaster, as a kind of 'avenging angel,' but soon discovers that these interventions against death wreak exceedingly dire and ugly consequences on Earth. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- White Noise 2
1. Anniversary Breakfast [5:30]
2. Self Destruction [3:10]
3. Legally Dead [6:24]
4. A Blast of Static [4:56]
5. The Walking Dead [5:07]
6. Spectral Visitors [3:46]
7. Fateful Intervention [3:13]
8. Emerging Savior [3:25]
9. A Bad Habit [5:17]
10. Healing the Samaritan [2:33]
11. Chasing Ghosts [5:15]
12. The Saved [3:48]
13. Revelations [4:10]
14. A Glimpse of the Truth [6:01]
15. Tria Mera [5:36]
16. Ascension of Evil [3:21]
17. An Innocent Tool [5:01]
18. If Saved, Must Kill [5:16]
19. The Rapture [6:32]
20. End Credits [4:54]