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Director Brian De Palma turns his lens on the Iraq War with this "fictional documentary" about the experience of U.S. soldiers involved in the conflict. Based on a news item about the rape of an Iraqi schoolgirl by wayward grunts assigned to patrol a checkpoint, the film depicts a scenario not unlike the one De Palma covered in Casualties of War. Shot on high-definition video, Redacted also addresses the ever-evolving manner in which war is covered by the media by focusing on such journalistic innovations as blog coverage and web reporting. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Redacted
1. Telling It How It Is [4:33]
2. Checkpoint [5:22]
3. Routine Sweep [3:46]
4. The Appointment [2:29]
5. Trust No One [3:00]
6. Following Procedure [2:36]
7. Breaking News [1:49]
8. No Remorse [4:03]
9. Sitting Ducks [1:56]
10. Are You Hearing Me? [4:26]
11. Searching for Evidence [4:45]
12. Poker Night [6:24]
13. Gearing Up [5:42]
14. Enough Is Enough [3:19]
15. What Happens in Vegas [3:26]
16. Lies, Lies [7:59]
17. Wild Card [10:05]
18. Aiding Terrorists [3:29]
19. War Stories [4:25]
20. Collateral Damage [6:13]