Sleeping Beauty [50th Anniversary Edition] [2 Discs]

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@Disney produced this lavish animated fairy tale, the most expensive cartoon ever made up to its release with a budget of 6 million. When the young princess Aurora is cursed at birth by the evil fairy Maleficent, the baby is kidnapped by a trio of good fairies who raise the girl themselves, hoping to avoid the spell's fulfillment. Nevertheless, at the age of 16, the beautiful Aurora falls into a deep sleep that can only be awakened by a kiss from her betrothed, Prince Phillip. Knowing that Phillip intends to save Aurora, Maleficent takes him prisoner. When the good fairies launch a rescue attempt, Maleficent transforms herself into a spectacular fire-breathing dragon, forcing Phillip to defeat her in mortal combat. Sleeping Beauty (1959) was Oscar nominated for its musical score, which featured adaptations of Tchaikovsky compositions. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Sleeping Beauty
1. Opening Credits ("Once Upon a Dream")
2. "In a Far Away Land Long Ago..."
3. "Hail to the Princess Aurora"
4. The Three Good Fairies
5. The Gifts of Beauty and Song
6. Maleficent Appears
7. Merryweather's Gift
8. The Fairies' Plan
9. Maleficent's Frustration
10. Briar Rose's 16th Birthday
11. Briar Rose in the Forest
12. Prince Phillip Hears a Haunting Voice
13. "I Wonder"
14. Briar Rose's Dream Prince ("Once Upon a Dream")
15. Meanwhile, Back at the Cottage
16. Dueling Words
17. King Stefan and King Hubert Toast the Future ("Skumps")
18. Phillip's Disappointing News
19. Aurora Returns to the Castle
20. The Curse Is Fulfilled
21. The Sun Sets
22. Putting the Whole Castle to Sleep ("Sleeping Beauty")
23. Phillip Walks Into a Trap
24. In Maleficent's Domain
25. Maleficent Visits Phillip in His Cell
26. The Escape From the Hidden Mountain
27. A Forest of Thorns
28. Battle With the Forces of Evil
29. The Spell Is Broken
30. A Happy Ending