Never Say Macbeth

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A science teacher attempting to win back his girlfriend during auditions for +Macbeth finds out just how powerful the curse surrounding Shakespeare's popular play truly is when he inadvertently wrecks havoc on the production by breaking the cardinal rule of every theater. Danny though that by crashing the auditions while wearing his heart on his sleeve, his girlfriend would welcome him back with open arms. Instead, the director mistook Danny's impassionate plea for forgiveness as a well-rehearsed monologue, and promptly cast him as "Witch 1." But Danny is hardly an actor, and the moment he utters the word "Macbeth" things truly start to get strange. Later, as lights fall from the ceiling and the voice of a singing pirate ghost echoes through the auditorium, Danny enlists the aid of a new-age actress, a no-nonsense self-help guru, and a science-fiction loving stage manager in saving the cast, and the love of his life, from the theater world's most infamous curse. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Never Say Macbeth
1. Zodiac Theatre [5:23]
2. I'm Not an Actor [12:06]
3. One Month Until Opening [6:26]
4. 20 Days Until Opening [3:12]
5. Building Props [11:48]
6. Macbeth Opens Friday [12:46]
7. Do It For Tamara [8:17]
8. I Am Not High [9:52]
9. Opening Night [14:03]
10. End Credits [2:17]